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WordPress User IP address plugin

How to display WordPress User IP address ?

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WordPress plugin

If you want to display the IP address of your website visitors who visit your WordPress blog in a post or page, this WordPress plugin is designed to meet your needs. The plugin « User IP » displays the WordPress user IP address. This is a feature that is often sought to simply customize a blog and permit to show the visitor’s address IP.
This plugin also forces the interpretation of the shortcode in the sidebar blocks, which is theoretically not possible by default, and now authorize the use of all your shortcodes in sidebar widgets.


Features WordPress plugin

This plugin uses the system shortcode with a keyword in brackets replaced during the public display.

shortcode to insert : [user_ip]

In the admin editor, insert the shortcode like this:

User IP Address plugin

The IP address looks like that :

WordPress User IP Address

On peut afficher plusieurs fois le shortcode dans une même page. Il est aussi possible d’insérer ce shortcode dans un widget text de la sidebar.


If your looking rather to display the ip of the server hosting WordPress should rather install this free plugin :


Installation of WordPress User IP Address plugin

Plugin WordPress User IP


Installing this plugin is as for other plugins, either automatically from the WordPress admin interface that will receive this extension, either by sending the copressé zip from the plugin admin interface of WordPress, or by manually downloading the plugins directory in the directory wp-content/plugins.

« User IP » sur :

To download :


Donate if you want

If you like this plugin that permit to show user ip and you find it useful, you can donate. A donation encourages to develop other useful things that can also serve you. In advance, thank you.



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  • Bonjour,
    Décidément ce topic est sincèrement profondément intéressant, nous ne manquerons pas de suivre son actualité.
    A très bientôt et je tiens à vous dire merci beaucoup pour ce magnifique post très clair !
    Ayant bien noté l’adresse exacte de ce blog, j’aimerais avoir les capacités d’ y apporter une pierre à l’édifice, si minime soit elle.

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