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WordPress Server IP address plugin

How to display WordPress IP address ?

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WordPress IP address plugin


What’s this free WordPress plugin ?

Knowing the IP address of your website or server may be useful in certain situations but you can’t find IP address in the WordPress admin panel. So, how to find IP address of wordpress site ?
The solution : « Server IP » plugin.


WordPress « Server IP » address plugin

This is a free WordPress plugin to display IP address of the server that hosts the website. With te plugin « Server IP », the IP address appears in the dashboard of the WordPress admin interface. This is very useful when you search IP address of the server, wordpress ip address.

Here the appearance of the panel in the dashboard:

WordPress  Server IP address plugin

Panel « Server IP Address » in the dashboard of the WordPress admin


This plugin can diplay your admin IP address in dashboard panel.
If your looking rather to display the ip of visitors to your WordPress in an article or a public widget should rather install this free plugin :


How install WordPress Server ip address plugin ?

Server IP plugin WordPress


This is the url of le VPN Dock profile :

This is the url of the plugin « Server IP » :

Download :


It’s very easy to install this free WordPress plugin. There are three ways of installing this WordPress plugin to show IP address in WordPress :

1 – Automatically through WordPress

The easiest way, some server setup. The only downside of this option is that a plugin must be in the WordPress plugin directory. First go to your WordPress Admin Panel and click on Plugins « Add New » and enter the name « Server IP » to find this WordPress Plugin you wish to add to show IP address in admin dashbord. To install the Plugin, click Install under the Plugin name. When WordPress asks, enter the above access information and proceed. Make sure that you click on Activate the plugin, now you have installed the WordPress plugin. That’s all. Now, the server IP address is on the dasboard pannel.

2 – Manually uploading a plugin through WordPress

The medium way, some server setup. First you would need to download the plugin from the source. All plugins downloaded from the Plugin Directory are in the Zip format. Go to your WordPress admin panel. Click on Plugin « Add New ». Then click on the Upload Tab. You will see a screen like the one above. Browse the file and upload the zip file to install this WordPress IP address plugin. Then, you will be taken to the activate the plugin « Server IP ». That’s all.

3 – Manually uploading a plugin via FTP

The more complicated way, no server setup. Unzip the file and upload the Plugin folder to the « /wp-content/plugins/ » folder. In your WordPress Administration Panel, click on Plugins from the menu at the top. You should see your new Plugin listed. To turn the WordPress Plugin on, click « Activate » on the far right side of the list to activate this WordPress IP address plugin. Check your Administration dashboard to see if the Plugin display IP address in a panel of the dashboard. That’s all.


WordPress plugin traductions

This extension is translated in many languages :
Afrikaans, Azerbaijani, Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Chinese and more soon…


Donate if you want

If you like this plugin and you find it useful, you can donate. A donation encourages to develop other useful things that can also serve you. In advance, thank you.



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